Barabanki Fair - Uttar Pradesh

The Barabanki Fair is organized at Deva every year with great pomp and show. Deva is a pilgrim spot located in the state of Uttar Pradesh approximately 10 km away from Barabanki. It is the birth place of a great Sufi saint, Haji Waris Ali Shah. Saint Haji Waris was revered by the people for his teachings of universal love and brotherhood. A dargah has been erected in Barabanki to honour this pious Sufi saint.

Background of the fair
The fair is organized once a year by the Muslims of the area in the month of 'Safar' (July) during the occasion of Urs. The fair is organized to commemorate the teachings of the saint. It is also referred to as 'Dewa Mela.'

About the fair
Barabanki fair continues for a period of ten days. It begins with the ritual of chadar offering where several sheets of silk fabric are placed on the tombs of the Sufi saint. Cultural programs like Manas Sammelan, Seeratun Nabi, All India Mushaira, Kavi Sammelan, Music Conference, etc. are organized for the people. Many stalls selling handicrafts, toys, sweetmeats, snacks, handicrafts, household accessories, etc. are also set-up. A cattle market is also set-up in the fair.

Reaching Dewa
Dewa can be easily accessed from different parts of India. The closest railway station to the place is located 13 km away at Barabanki. Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport in Lucknow is the adjoining aerodrome. Buses can be availed from Barabanki, Faizabad, Lucknow, Ayodhya and different other cities of Uttar Pradesh.

The most essential part of the Barabanki fair is that people from different Islamic countries, including Pakistan come to celebrate this fair. The visitors socialize freely with the locals and participate in the festivity with great zeal and spirit. The fair, in a way, helps the Indian Government in improving the relationship with our neighbouring countries. It promotes love and universal brotherhood just what Haji Waris has preached throughout his life.

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