Autobiography of a Toy Car

I was born on 15th February 2009 in the toy factory. I am a beautiful red remote controlled car.

In the factory itself, I made friends with a toy robot, a soft toy rabbit and a doll. I was packed in a bright cardboard box with my picture on it .That day I knew my name was "Mono car", as it was written on the box in which I was packed and send to a toy shop. I was amazed to see such a big toy shop with so many different kinds of toys around me. One by one all my friends were sold out. I was left all alone. I was feeling very sad.

Finally one day a small boy pointed at me. But his father said that I was a very expensive toy. The boy kept fretting for me. At last his father gave in and bought me. When I was asleep they packed me and parceled me to their house. When I woke up I saw myself in a completely new place. I was excited and scared at the same time. The child woke up too. He brushed his teeth, had his breakfast and straight away ran to me. He picked me up and started playing with me. Every morning he used to play with me. But one day my battery got finished. He could not make me run any more. It frustrated him.

He tried a lot to fix my battery but my mechanical device was inbuilt. There was nothing he could do. He was very disappointed and his parents decided not to give in to him anymore. So he kept me on his study table for a few days. Then one day in a rage of fury and helplessness, to vent out his anger, he threw me into his junk toy box. In doing so he broke my rear wheels. It hurt me very badly but I could not say anything as my battery was over. So I just looked at him sadly. Now I am all rusted and a dirty toy car. I don't think I would ever see the light of the day again!

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