Autobiography of a Coin

I was born on 19th day of July 2006 in the mint. I am a one-rupee coin.

After I was born the authorities packed me inside a trunk and I was taken to the bank. I made many other friends - one-rupee, two rupees and five rupees coins. One day I was given to one man in a transaction who came to the bank. As soon as I was given into his hands he picked me up from his palm with happy and cheerful eyes and put me in a separate pocket. I was feeling very proud that I was the most handsome coin among all other coins.

I stayed there for many days. As I was his lucky coin and he would not give me to anyone. But one day my keeper got pick pocketed and I fell into the hands of a rogue. He stuffed me in with his other dirty coins. I was feeling horrified. But one day I felt relieved when the rogue gave me to a panwala for a cigarette. As I was a shiny coin the shopkeeper kept me in a separate box. There I met many of my old friends who were released from the mint on the same day. Then when there was a shortage of coins, I was given away to a lady. Her purse was very soft and smelled of perfume. She kept me in a corner of her purse. There were many almost faded one-rupee, two-rupee coins. I often used to make fun of them but they kept quiet.

One day the lady gave me to the bus conductor but I slipped away from his hands and fell into a water puddle. I don't know for how many days I had been there until one day my rescuer came and I was ready to be in soft and nice purse. But to my surprise it was a beggar. He picked me up and put me in his dirty pouch. Finally he gave me to a tea-seller who said, 'this coin will not work, give another one.' Then I realized that my shine had gone. My prints had faded.

While I was asleep the beggar sold me, along with other coins, to a store keeper. The store keeper gave me to his son who kept me in his piggy bank. It was kept in a forgotten place of the storage. And there were many other dead coins too. I wonder whether I would ever see the light of day again! Or by the time I do, I will also be like those invalid coins at whom I used to laugh once.

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