A Visit to a Hospital

A hospital is not one of the nicest places that one is keen on visiting. But without a hospital in town life could sometimes become a nightmare, especially in times of an emergency. A hospital is linked to life saving services, which enables a person to recover from some serious injury or illness. Sometimes situations in life make it essential for us to move into a hospital. The cause for visiting a hospital could mean illness or visiting a sick or injured person, who is a near and dear one. Thus one day when my uncle met with an accident and broke his leg, he got admitted into St. John's Hospital for treatment and recovery. It was when I went to visit him over the weekend that I realized how busy a hospital is.

It was a Sunday evening when my family members were getting ready to visit my uncle who had been admitted to St. John's Hospital on account of a motor cycle accident. My mother asked me to go along since on Sundays children were allowed into the hospital. I was not very keen on going, but I was worried about my uncle's recovery and I wanted to see him as well. So, I quickly dressed up and jumped into the car with mother, aunt and driver that headed towards the hospital. We reached in about half an hour. I was quite curious as well as a bit nervous as I had never been to a hospital before.

As soon as we entered the hospital we were directed by the security guards towards the reception that was centrally air conditioned. The hospital was very clean and maintained well. At the reception there was a big crowd of people. Some were seated while others remained standing in anxiety. When I asked my mother about the crowd of people, she told me that they had all come to see their near and dear ones who were admitted into the hospital because of some ailment. There was a well dressed lady at the reception who handed us four printed cards. There was quite a lot of hustle and bustle at the reception area. Visitors were seen hurrying up and down the stairs or some were even frequently moving up and down the elevators. We also proceeded towards the elevator and headed towards room number 412 where my uncle was admitted.

I was surprised and nervous to see so many sick people and their relatives who were so anxious. Regular announcements were being made. There was a medicine counter in the ground floor of the hospital that seemed to be always crowded. The next thing I noticed was two ambulances waiting in the car parking lot. Another ambulance had just arrived and a patient was being hurriedly moved towards the operation theatre. I saw ladies dressed in uniform serving the patients. My mother told me that they were nurses. The nurses were administering medicines to the patients. I also noticed an operation theatre on the third floor that had an ICU unit opposite it. When I peeped through the glass, I saw bottles of saline and oxygen cylinders being given to patients. There were also different types of machines, devices and gadgets that monitored the patient's condition. Doctors were seen visiting the patients, prescribing medicines and doing their health checkups. It really scared me think that one day perhaps I would be here to be treated for some sort of ailment or the other.

Finally we reached room number 412. I was happy to see my uncle recovering and he was also happy to see us. My aunt spoke to the doctor who said that my uncle was recovering fast and that there was nothing to worry. It was a great relief to hear those words of consolation. We had taken some clothes, fruits and eatables for my uncle, which we gave him. We spent some quality time with my uncle for nearly two hours, after which the visiting hours came to an end. A security guard came to alert us on the time and told us that it was time to leave. We wished my uncle good bye and I hugged him. He had to remain in the hospital for one more week or so.

I returned home with my aunt and mother. All throughout the way I talked about the things I saw at the hospital. I spoke about the nurses, doctors, the ICU, the operation theatre, the oxygen cylinders, the bottles of saline that looked like water to me and the patients who suffered so much. I was happy to see my uncle recover and I was expecting him to come home soon. But, I myself would never like to find myself being admitted into a hospital for treatment. The visit to the hospital showed me the reality of life, suffering and pain. I also saw the inner strength of some patients that helped them recover. The visit to the hospital taught me to be brave and strong in life.

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