A Rainy Day

It was Monday morning. But there was a grey background across the horizon unlike the bright hot sunny morning that I was used to seeing in summer. Well, the black clouds heralded rain. What a relief! A rainy day would bring about some relief from the scorching heat of summer as well as it was exhilarating to experience a rainy day on a Monday morning. I was already on my way to school when there began a heavy downpour.

It began raining cats and dogs and I could see a line of vehicles including mine caught in a traffic jam. It was rejuvenating to feel the cool breeze and experience a change in the weather. Nature seemed to come alive with the rain drops falling continuously from the sky. The fresh aroma of rain was simply tantalizing. While in my car waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, I could see people scurrying about with umbrellas and raincoats. My father had gifted me a new umbrella which I was carrying along with me. I knew I would be late for school, but a rainy day was an exception. I just imagined about the amount of fun I would have in school.

Finally I reached the school gates half an hour late. There was low attendance at school; so we had continuous free periods. Our teachers told us that we could do whatever we wanted. Hurrah! No studies today. I chatted a great deal with my friends and played a good number of games. During the break time I took my chance to get wet in the rain. It was a great experience. The trees on the field in the school premises had lost their dusty look and were wearing a lively green colour. The horizon had its own touch of beauty when I looked out from the window of our classroom.

School gave over early that day. There was a bit of inconvenience too. My mother came to pick me up. It was still raining. There was water logging across the city and I enjoyed myself jumping and splashing around in the rain water. It took us a good one hour to reach home. There was some hot lunch prepared by my mother. I really enjoyed it. The amazing experience of that rainy day had a lasting impression on my mind. It reminded me of a line in a poem which read 'the rain the welcome rain'.

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