A rainy day in the Monsoon in Kolkata - A Story

Once on a hot and humid day in Kolkata, a young girl called Grace was walking down the street with her friend Kate. They had decided to visit New Market to buy some toys to play with. As they arrived in the market to buy the toys they met their classmates Sandra and Jennifer. There was a shout of glee from the girls to meet each other. It was going to be great fun. Only that the sky was getting dark and gloomy signaling a rainy day.

The girls went to the toy stall where they saw teddy bears, stickers, sequins, dolls, story books and a whole lot of interesting toys. Sandra picked up a teddy bear; Jennifer bought some interesting stickers while Grace bought a pretty Barbie doll and Kate decided to buy nothing. By now the sky was getting darker, and it was very humid. Then all of sudden there was the rumble of thunder - Boom! The girls screamed in excitement. They could sense the fun they would have by getting wet in the rain. What a relief from the summer heat!

It began to drizzle and soon it was raining 'cats and dogs'. The girls were quite a distance from home and got drenched in the rain. Small water puddles started forming on the road. Flashes of lightning were seen across the heaven. Grace told her friends to move away from the trees, since she had learnt at school that it was dangerous to be near a tree when there was lightning and thunder. It was raining very heavily and soon there was water logging on the streets. The water reached upto their ankles. It was great fun to wade through the rain water. Traffic came to a halt. People were seen walking with their umbrellas and raincoats.

The girls managed to reach Grace's home as it was the nearest. Grace's mother asked them to have a shower quickly and get dry. The toys that the girls had bought were drenched too. The girls then had some nice hot lunch. In the mean time, the rain stopped and Grace's friends left for their homes. Well, there could be no better experience of a rainy day in Kolkata!

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