A pet animal should be adopted by every home

"A pet animal should be adopted by every home. Express your views either for or against this statement."

Pet animals add joy and happiness to our lives and homes. Pet lovers all across the world will agree to this statement. Thus every home adopting a pet animal can be considered a noble thought. Keeping pets at home helps you combat loneliness and at times pets become very closely associated with their masters and family members. Pets at home are also a status symbol in society and are at man's service from the dawn of civilization from one generation to the other.

Pets fill the house with activity and give their masters emotional satisfaction and bonding. Pets are at the service house members and are faithful beings. They take care of the house and are faithful to their masters. At times strong bonding and affectionate relationship with a pet brings about immense emotional satisfaction, happiness and joy. Pets such as dogs are really faithful animals and spending an evening with your pet dog can be better than spending time with someone who is unfriendly and quarrelsome. Common pets are dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses etc.

Having a friendly pet at home causes you to remain healthy and happy. This in turn reduces unnecessary stress and tension. Stress and tension can lead to sickness and ill health and a pet helps to keep these at bay. Thus keeping a pet at home is a positive sign and sheltering an animal is an act of kindness that will not go unrewarded. Even Adolf Hitler was fond of dogs and used to remain very happy in their company. The Father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi had a pet goat in the Ashram he lived in. There are stories of pets saving the lives of family members they live with. Thus adopting a pet at home gives a sense of security as well.

But remember that keeping a pet at home should not be a cause of nuisance and botheration for others. You must ensure that your pet does not cause harm to others in your neigbourhood. Thus keeping a pet at home can really bring your home to life and keeps your neighbourhood safe and sound from unforeseen danger and calamity.

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