A Memorable Day!

I am only twelve years old and the only child to my parents. You must think that I am thoroughly spoilt, but I can honestly say that I am not. My parents love me very much. I have working parents and my mom and dad work very hard to give me the best in life. At the end of the day I know they both love me. The only thing that they are not agreeable to is allowing me to keep a pet of any kind.

One day on my way home from school, I came across a stray and friendly dog. The poor animal looked starved, so I offered him the leftovers from my lunch box, which he devoured gratefully, licking his lips at the end of his meal. I decided to leave for home, when he coaxed me into playing with him; so I happily obliged. I took the puppy to a nearby park and played for a while with a ball. It started growing dark; I did not want to get into any trouble with my parents for returning home late from school. So I threw the ball far, so that while the dog went after it, I could run home as fast as my little feet could carry me, and in the hope that it would not follow me.

Just as I started to run, two huge, fat, ugly men caught hold of me and started tying something over my mouth, and threw a sac over me, and then tossed me at the back of a truck. They had planned to call my dad, demanding of him a lump sum of money, but unfortunately for them, they did not have time to execute their evil plans. As they were discussing their evil schemes, I heard barking, snarling and growling mixed with a man's painful screams. I knew at once that it was my scavenging friend, who had come to my rescue. Those thugs were forced to let me go, before they experienced any more ferocious bites.

That day marked my most memorable day so far, as I not only went home with a best friend for life, but an amazing pet named Poncho, my new found hero!.

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