A Foggy Morning

One January morning when I woke up from sleep I was overjoyed to see mist all around our neighbourhood. The city was covered with fog. The houses on the other side of the road looked hazy. The cars had the headlights on and some even had the yellowish fog light on. It created an eerie atmosphere. There was no strong breeze so it was not cold but just foggy. I could see the outline of our milkman cycling along the road and continuously ringing the bell. I could not clearly see his face or the colour of his clothes through the mist. It was difficult to see anything twenty feet away. It looked as if the entire place was covered with a cool screen. The rays of the sun could not pass through the fog easily. But the light created a certain colourful hue. The air was cool and pleasant. I went and stood on the verandah watching and admiring the amazing beauty of nature when my mother came looking for me. It was time to leave for school. I was quite delighted to walk through the foggy morning to school.

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